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Wool Pressing Mat 17" x 17"

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Wool pressing mats have become so popular for quilters.  And let's face it, ironing is the unsung hero of quilting.  If you are ready to step up your "ironing" game, this deal is sure to help you take the plunge.  

Some reasons I like using a wool mat:
  • The main selling point of these mats is that they magically “iron both sides of your fabric at the same time.”  Because wool is an amazing insulator; it absorbs heat and then quickly releases it. That's how the mat is “ironing both sides.” Which, actually, is kind of awesome! If you have a wad of wrinkled fabric fresh from the dryer, using a wool pressing mat will cut your ironing time in half without scorching your fabric
  • A wool mat is naturally grippy.  When you press on a wool mat, the wool holds the fabric in place while you gently press (not iron)! The fabric or block does not slide or slip while pressing. This is particularly noticeable when pressing anything with a bias.  Ever have any of those wonky half-square triangles that seem to annoyingly change their shape after you press them!
  • A wool mat gives naturally which is why you get such a crisply pressed seam, unlike pressing on a padded ironing board or pressing board which is firmer/more compressed.  And if you are a turned applique fan, you won’t believe how nicely your applique flattens without creating puckers and tucks!!  But I am a girl who still loves her clapper, even with her wool mat!
  • A little secret, I still use my steam with my mat.  My mat is 100% felted wool, so it can handle it.  There may be a slight odor when I do, but then again it's a wet sheep!  It goes away when it dries, and I also use a scented Best Press to help.  
  • Do not put this on your cutting mat to stabilize it.  The moisture will warp your mat.  I use mine on my big board.  Perfect!