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Telescoping Thread Stand with Cone Adapters

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Over the past 2 months, the most popular request for a product that I have received is for a thread stand.  Sounds weird, right!  With some of the major thread brands launching larger spools and cones in their most popular thread lines, it's no wonder that people are looking for help in how to use these cones with their domestic machines.  

Here are three of my favorite reasons for using this thread stand:
  • I like this particular thread stand because the base is made from cast iron, so I know it's not going anywhere on the table when there's tension on the thread.  My first thread stand had a plastic base, which I quickly learned wouldn't stay still on the table and frequently tipped over.  
  • Using a thread stand is a great solution when you may be having trouble with some of your smaller spools of thread when the thread gets snagged along the plastic rim of the spool. 
  • A thread stand can come in handy when you are experiencing skipped stitches or thread brakes which may be the result of finicky thread and how it feeds through your tension system in the horizontal or vertical position.

    We've also added 2 cone adapters to ensure your cones fit snuggly on your thread stand.