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Soft Fuse Roll 18" x 3 yd

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Fusible machine applique is one of my favorite types of quilting.  I feel so creative with this process as I can improvise as much as I like with fabrics or adjustments to the pattern without any real impact on the construction.  It's such a great sense of satisfaction for me as I truly feel I am creating art!  And, of course, it's all about the tools you use to create that perfect project.  My favorite fusible webbing product is Soft Fuse by Shades Textiles.  Why do I love it?

*  You can hardly feel it in your project when it is attached to a background.  This makes it the perfect choice for bed quilts or clothing.

*  So easy to see through when tracing.

*  Super short pressing time for both Step 1 and Step 2.

*  The backing paper separates seamlessly from the applique piece. 

*  It's so soft and lightweight which means it is so easy to sew through the applique - either with a machine or by hand.