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Quilters Metal Hoop - 200mm x 200mm

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Some fabrics are more difficult to hoop than others or should not be hooped at all, since hooping can damage the fabric.  Thick and coarse fabrics can be difficult to hoop, but so can thick and glossy fabrics,  Hooping ready-to-wear garments is difficult to impossible due to seams, narrow areas, or buttons/rivets.  When using a metal hoop, hooping won't be a problem.  

When you want to embroider on quilts or other projects where you do not want residuals from stabilizer on the back side, metal hoops can be a perfect solution  Embroider without stabilizer!  Embroidering several designs after each other or doing endless embroideries is easy; just remove the magnets and move the fabric.  You're ready to embroider the next design in no time!