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Quilt Binding Spools


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As many of you know, I can get a little anal about keeping myself (and you!) organized.  Most days I'm pretty good at it, but lately . . . . 

One of the ways I do this is by keeping all my quilt projects, the fabrics, the pattern/book, and the tools together so that whenever I pull it out to work on it or finish it up everything is there. 

When it comes to bindings, I like to use a fabric that was from the quilt top.  The final step for me is to sew on my bindings, but I'm sad to say this part doesn't always happen right away.  It could be months!  So I ensure I keep everything together and organized by making my binding when the final borders have been put on and then wrapping it up so it's ready to go when I am ready to go. 

These little spools work like a dream.  You press your binding in half and then wrap it around the spool.  The width is perfect for a smooth winding, and the "wings" keep you on track.  Each spool will hold enough binding for whatever size you make. And if I can do a task with pretty tool, count me in!  Now for those of you who might be a bit more practical, we have also included a clear 2 pack of the spool.