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Mat Cleaning Pad


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I'm sure you have all experienced this.  You're cutting your fabric on your mat and your cutter rolls over a slight "bump" as you move your cutter up the ruler.  When you try to move the fabric away, it wasn't a clean cut.  Now, sometimes this is because your blade has a slight burr and needs to be changed.  Other times, its because some of your common cut lines have fiber residues left behind which get in the way of a clean cut. 

Well, this handy little heart shaped scrubber easily removes that dust and fabric fibers from your cutting mats, allowing the self-healing mats to heal. Simply slide your fingers into the opening almost like a pot holder and rub along the surface to easily remove the fibers and dust that keep your mat from healing. The different ridges on the cleaner make this a hard working scrubber.

  • Color: Purple
  • Made of: Silicone
  • Use: Mat Cleaner
  • Care: Clean with warm soapy water and let dry
  • Size: 3in diameter