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Indoor, Outdoor Large Glass Plant Self-Watering Globes

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Expand your gardening tools with Lexi Home’s stained glass water globes. The decorative water dispensers are great for overall daily plant care. Each aqua globes holds 15 oz water that lasts for 2-weeks of watering. No spills occur due to the structure of the water globes and avoids any accidents. The modern body build helps with equal water distribution throughout the plant.

Product highlights

  • Multi-functional– use this watering globe to water your indoor or outdoor plants automatically, whether in your garden, home, patio, or office. Eliminate the hassle of remembering to water your plants.
  • Easy to use – all you need to do is fill the watering globes outdoor and indoor bulbs and push the glass straw into the soil at a 15 degree angle. The water will slowly be dispensed.
  • Decorati̇ve – these globe watering devices come in beautiful colors. These hand blown watering glass bulb tools will also be charming in your home, garden, patio, office, or wherever you decide to use it.