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Fork Pins 35/box

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I imagine you are thinking what in the world do I do with those funny-looking pins, and you probably walk right on by them on the notions wall.  Well I'm here to tell you that they will change your life! 

My grandmother taught me how to sew, and her most common mantra to me was "Cyndi, pins are your friends."  She taught me to be patient with my sewing and to use the best tools possible to support my work and help me be the best sewist I can be.  Fork pins are one of those gems.

For me, they have one specific purpose.  They help you perfectly line up your opposing seams at the intersections of your blocks or block units.  I know you are probably thinking that you do just fine with nesting them on their own or using 2 separate pins.  I can tell you from my personal experience that my block intersections are darn near perfect when I use these pins, and I am confident that you too can attain the same results with these pins.

Not all fork pins are created equal.  Don't confuse them with some types of craft pins that may look similar but actually are very think and short.  A lot of florists and crafters use that type.  They do not work well for quilting.  In my opinion, these Clover pins are the best on the market!