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Arrow Sewing Chairs

The Arrow Sewing hydraulic chair the is #1 selling sewing chair in the industry.   And with good reason!  Six reasons why you must have this chair for your sewing room (or where ever you sew):
  1. The incredible lumbar support.  Sit on it for 10 seconds, and you will definitely feel the difference.  We marathon quilters can really appreciate this aspect of the chair.
  2. The hydraulic height adjustment is adjustable between 18" and 22", allowing for all heights to feel comfortable in the chair and ergonomically situated.
  3. The five-spoke base provides incredible stability.  I love that I can bend over on my chair and pick something up from the floor (yes, I can still do that!) and the chair stays upright and in place.
  4. You have 360 degrees of full swivel and can basically motor all around your sewing area.  You can go wherever you need to go!
  5. There is a secret storage area underneath the cover of the chair.  Great hideaway for your secret stash of whatever.  Mine happens to be chocolate.  Also a great place to keep your owner's manual for your machine so you always know right where it is and is easily accessible.
  6. And finally, a great selection of bold, colorful prints or choose from the Royal Line of beautifully crafted solids.