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  • Miss Make



    Circe (SIR-see) is a simple but dynamic arrangement of half-rectangle triangles (HRTs) that creates a bold design spiraling across the quilt. The T...

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  • Modern Handcraft

    Dot + Dash


    Dot + Dash is a great quilt to showcase a fabric collection or your favorite colorway. You can also make it a scrappy quilt using the “Make it scra...

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  • Martingale

    Precut Parade


    Precuts take the guesswork out of selecting fabrics for your next project.  Sure, they look pretty sitting on the shelf in your sewing room, but it...

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  • Dragonfly Fiberart

    Tree of Stars


    Looking for a new Christmas quilt pattern that is sure to catch everyone's eye.  Look no more!  As another option, imagine this beautiful quilt in ...

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