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  • Miss Make



    Circe (SIR-see) is a simple but dynamic arrangement of half-rectangle triangles (HRTs) that creates a bold design spiraling across the quilt. The T...

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  • Carol Moellers Designs

    Dancing Diamonds


    Details Type:  Patterns Author:  Carol Moellers Designs Techniques:  Machine Piecing Theme:  Precut Friendly Category:  Quilts

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    Modern Handcraft

    Dot + Dash


    Dot + Dash is a great quilt to showcase a fabric collection or your favorite colorway. You can also make it a scrappy quilt using the “Make it scra...

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    Sue Spargo Folk Art Quilts

    Eco Sac Pattern


    We are all becoming increasingly aware of the horrible repercussions of single use plastics and want to do our part to protect the future for ourse...

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