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How Does Your Garden Grow Mystery Box

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Prepare to be enchanted as you unlock this carefully crafted package, brimming with surprises that will transport you to a realm where gardens and quilts coexist in perfect harmony. This box is thoughtfully designed to nurture your green thumb while inviting you to express your artistic flair through a quilted masterpiece inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

When can I sign up? 
Now!  Last day for sign up is Tuesday, July 18, or until we run out.

When can I pick it up. 
Pick up starts Wednesday, July 19.  We will contact you if it is available earlier than that.

Can I get it mailed to me?
Yes,  Shipping starts Wednesday, July 19.  Shipping charge is $12.99.

I'm new to mysteries.  How will I know if I'll like it?
I can only tell you that the feedback we have gotten from past participants has been fantastic.  People really love them! 

How much does it cost?
The price for this box is $169.99.

Can I buy more than one?  I'm thinking a friend might also like this.
Sure you can.  As long as we still have supply.

How many do you usually have available?
The quantity differs with each box.  It is typically based upon how much fabric I can get for the project.  My advice is to sign up as soon as you think you may want one so you are sure to get one.  We do sell out!

Any hints you can give me?
Every mystery box has a quilting-related project included​ that ties into the theme of the box.  There are also other fun surprises included in the box that will be sure to make you smile!  That's the fun of mystery boxes!  You never know what's inside until you open it up.  And I hope you know my shop well enough to know that what's inside is sure to please! 

Check out a couple of our customer video testimonials for previous boxes below.