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An Employee’s Perspective of Quilt Market: Cheryl Martel 

I've wanted to go to quilt market for a long time.  I've been associated with several quilt shops working and teaching over the years; and every time the owners came back from market with new stuff and talked about their experience, I was green with envy. 

Well, Cyndi gave Mary and me an opportunity to attend the Spring market in Pittsburgh.   All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  It was awesome, amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, and an unbelievable blast. 

It amazed me that there are so many talented people in the quilting world.   It isn't just about the fabric. We didn't really focus on that.   What we did focus on was new and exciting patterns and projects for our customers. 

Cyndi had a plan.  We started a Row 100 and went down one side, focusing on the vendors only on that side.  When we got to the end of that row,  we headed back up on the opposite side. We didn't miss a single vendor.  Even when we went for lunch we had to remember where we left off and start back in the right spot.

We ran in to people we knew (Cyndi and Mary knew more people than I did).   We even ran in to our own Kathryn Leblanc.  That was a hoot.  And people we know just from buying their patterns and getting catalogs.   I had my picture taken with Nancy Zieman. 


But for those of you who know me, you know how crazy I am about Judy Niemeyer's patterns.   I actually had a really nice chat with her.   

And Mary took my picture!  I met Deb Tucker, the designer of the quilt I'm teaching in July/August.   I also met Nancy Halvorsen who writes the Art to Heart books. 

And Mary, the queen of the table runners in the shop, met the queen of Dragonfly Fiber Arts, Sue Michaels.  She was a pistol. 

So to move on, we got through 22 rows, both sides, in two and a half days.  All during our trek up and down the rows Cyndi was writing down booth numbers to go back to once we got through all the rows. At lunch she formed her plan and then went to work.   By 3 o'clock I was wiped out and went out to wait outside where I could finally sit down.   Mary kept coming out with bags for me to watch.  Keep in mind, we walked to and from market every day.  I kept watching the bags come out thinking, there's no way we can carry all this stuff back to the hotel.  Needless to say that was the only day we got the shuttle back to the hotel. 

So on Monday morning we packed up the car and headed home.  I can't wait to start figuring out what pattern I'll use for the next class session and to get some of those new patterns Cyndi purchased.   Come in and see what we got!